Alena Kryvoruchko


Zhytomyr | Ukraine | Accounting and Auditing Services


Finance / National Agroecological University
2003 - 2008
Ukraine Zhytomyr


Acris Logistics
Staff accounting and salary keeping, financial reporting, taxes management and reporting
October 2015 - current time
Digital House Software Solutions
Inventory and vendors accounting, management of primary documents, staff accounting and salary keeping, financial reporting, taxes management and reporting, consulting and keeping the accounts of private entrepreneurs.
January 2014 - September 2015
OLDI Zhytomyr
Accountant in building materials store. Inventory and vendors accounting, keeping the internal reports, reconciliation.
December 2011 - December 2013
Documentation Specialist
State Inspectorate for Medical Quality Control in Zhytomyr Region
Managing the documentation and archived files, HR management.
October 2009 - August 2011


Holland Quiz 14.01.2016
Conventional 38
Realistic 34
Investigative 33
Enterprising 32
Social 32
Artistic 25
Conventional or office type people tend to work related with information, its processing and systematization. They like to work with text, numbers, formulas, and documents. Well-being is more valuable for them than for other types. This type tends to the clearly and strict regulated work that does not require making responsible decisions. They are good performers, but bad leaders. Conventional people prefer planned and structured routine work that requires perseverance to monotonous activities. 
 • Punctuality; 
 • Accuracy; 
 • Practicality; 
 • Focus on social norms; 
Similar types: entrepreneurial and realistic. 
The opposite type: artistic.
Realistic people are practical-minded and oriented to the physical world. This personality type prefers to work with clear objectives and outcomes. They are often successful in sports, physics, chemistry, economics and cybernetics.
• Emotional stability; 
• High developed motor skills and agility; 
• Spatial imagination. 
Similar types: conventional and intelligent. 
Opposite type: social.
 Investigative people are intellectual, analytical and theoretical. They prefer complex intellectual tasks which require the use of abstract thinking. Personalities of investigative type usually choose professions that are closely related to the natural sciences: physics, mathematics, astronomy, geology, geography. They are introverts. 
 • Analytical mind; 
 • Rationality; 
 • Theoretically thinking; 
 • Creativity; 
Similar types: realistic and artistic. 
Opposite type: entrepreneurial.
Enterprising people prefer the enterprise type of leadership, aspire to recognition. They can solve complex problems related to the furtherance of ideas and management positions. This type is very enthusiastic and energetic. Enterprising personalities have highly developed communication skills, but can’t stand scrupulous work that requires sustained concentration. Wealth is important for them. These people prefer activities that involve organizational skills to manage people and to influence others. 
• Practicality; 
 • Social active; 
 • Developed organizational and leadership skills; 
 • The willingness to take risks; 
 • Agility, impulsivity, high enthusiasm. 
Similar types: conventional and social. 
The opposite type: investigative.
 Social people are oriented on communication and interaction with others. They have highly developed communication skills, tend to solve problems of other people, considering the emotions and feelings. Often these personalities like to instruct and teach others. They try to stay away from intellectual challenges, solving problems. Social type is guided by feelings and emotions. They depend on the opinions of others. The most preferred areas of work: psychology, education, and medicine. 
 • Communication skills at a high level; 
 • A lot of social contacts; 
 • Desire for leadership; 
 • Emotional and sensitive; 
 • Humanity; 
 • Having the ability to empathize and sympathize. 
Similar types: artistic and entrepreneurial. 
The opposite type: realistic.
Artistic people have an unusual type of outlook on life, deep emotional perception of reality and the flexibility of thinking. They build relationships with people, relying on intuition, emotion and imagination. Most personalities of artistic type prefer working without strict regulations and scheduling. They don’t adapt to the social norms and public support. The most common professions for artistic type are related with music, theatre, cinema, literature and arts. 
 • Emotional sensitivity; 
 • Developed intuition and imagination; 
 • The desire to stand out from the crowd. 
Similar types: intellectual and social.
Opposite type: conventional.


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