Ivan Rantyuk

Zhitomir Zhytomyrs'Ka Oblast' Ukraine | Ukraine | Management Consulting Services
eCommerce, Agile, PHP, Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Software Engineering and Automatization Systems / Zhytomyr State Technological University
2001 - 2006
Ukraine Zhitomir


Scrum Master
ISM Ukraine
Main function is Scrum mastering of teams. This include processes introduction, improving and guarding, team motivation with using of agile techniques and methods. Tasksboards runnung.
Meetings facilitation.
Project management.
March 2009 - current time
Software Test Engineer
Celenia Software
Microsoft Dynamics AX - software testing and development.
- Creating test documentation (test case description as well as test execution reports);
- Conduction various types of testing (basic, functional, unit testing, cross-testing and code review);
- Finding and reporting bugs and fixes verification using bug tracking tools like TFS, AQDevTeam, etc.;
- Consultancy in various AX-specific areas during requirements analysis stage and during full project cycle;
January 2007 - March 2009


Other Not specified
Exam MB6-508: AX 4.0 Development Introduction / Other
This certification exam measures your ability to do the following:

Understand and use the integrated development environment of Microsoft Dynamics AX, MorphX Development Suite. AX Architecture, Data Dictionary, user interfaces, and Report adjustments.
Use X++, Classes, Control Statements, Database Access, and Exception Handling.

Other Not specified
Exam MB6-203 - Axapta 3.0 Financials / Other



What Motivates Me? 30.09.2013
You tend to be a person with a high need to achieve 7
You tend to be a person with a high need for affiliation 7
You tend to be a person with a high need for power and influence 7
You will typically like jobs with the following characteristics:
• High standards of performance (as perceived by you)
• Freedom to set your own work pace and methods
• Requires skills or knowledge that must be improved
• Responsibility for your own actions
• Opportunities for innovation and creativity
• Opportunities to know how well you are performing, with a sense of achievement coming from feedback
• Requires taking moderate risks (choosing behavior which is challenging but realistically attainable)
You will typically like jobs with the following characteristics:
• There is considerable opportunity to interact with other people, in person or on the phone
• People in the work area seem to be happy
• Opportunity to get to know people
• Cooperation with others is required to get things done
• You can listen to people’s problems and help them out
• The interpersonal aspects of the job are as important, or more important, than the task aspects.
You will typically like jobs with the following characteristics:
• You can personally direct the work of others
• Other people must come to you for decision
• You will have some obvious status or title
• You have little control over the scheduling of your work
• You have to influence others to get things done
• You are required to deal directly with your boss and other people in power positions


What are top 3 priorities in your life?

February 21, 2013


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